Conner Guinn Coleman M.
Francisco Coronado: Francisco Coronado was bgorn in 1510 and died in 1554. He was a spanish explorer of the American Southwest. In 1538 he became govenor of a town called New Galacia. In 1540, he explored the area nborth of the Rio Grande. He moved forward to the Pueblos of the Zuni tribes. Coronado was searching for the seven golden cities of Cibola and the money of Grande Quivira. When he reached Quivira he found little wealth. In 1542 Coronado rerturned to Mexico where his expedition was considered a failure, bur is now considered as a great exploration. -Sydney Preston, Mrs. Rutherford's 3rd Hour

Hernando Cortez: Hernando Cortez was born in 1458 in Medellin, Exrremadura. He had a wonderful education but left it to sail and seek fortune in the New World. He went with Diego de Valazquez de Cuellar on an expedition to Cuba in 1519. Cortez made a peace treaty with the Indians of Tlaxcala, and Cortez began to call himself Quetzalcoatl. The Tlaxcala's beleived he was their legendary ruler, Quetzalcoatl, who would return from the east. Montezuma II, the Aztec ruler, was too mystified to make a resistance, and the spaniards entered the Aztec capital unopposed in November 1519. Cortez's conquest was completed whereas he had great help and support with land an money. He died near Seville on December 2nd, 1547. -Sydney Preston, Mrs. Rutherford's 3rd Hour

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